Positively Living: Do Less, Live More... Breathe Easier.

4 Ways Systems Can Support Self-Care with La'Vista Jones

January 31, 2022 Lisa Zawrotny Episode 90
Positively Living: Do Less, Live More... Breathe Easier.
4 Ways Systems Can Support Self-Care with La'Vista Jones
Show Notes

As a former caregiver myself, I know what it’s like to lose yourself to burnout and wonder how you can come back from that and where you could possibly fit in any self-care. That’s why episode 90 of the Positively Living Podcast is about 4 ways systems can support self-care!

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, my guest La'Vista Jones shares the importance of recognizing that self-care is not an option, but a must, and she provides actionable steps you can take right now to use systems to build a life that nurtures you.

La’Vista and I cover the following topics:

  • Where burnout manifests itself in your everyday life. 
  • How the concept of boss shame keeps people from asking for help and delegating tasks.
  • Using automation and other resources around you to streamline your systems to open up the time and space for self-care. 
  • Holding the space in your daily schedule to take care of basic necessities and prioritize yourself first. 
  • Building your love language into your operating systems so your business is set up to nurture you on a routine basis. 
  • Incorporating joy into your life in every and any way that you can. 

We have said it before but it is important to say time and time again, being busy doesn't mean you’re productive. Be intentional about what you do, especially for you.

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