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Prioritizing Sleep for Health and Productivity with Mollie McGlocklin

August 23, 2021 Lisa Zawrotny Episode 67
Positively Living
Prioritizing Sleep for Health and Productivity with Mollie McGlocklin
Show Notes

When we are under stress or constant overwhelm, sleep is often the first thing we forfeit in order to tackle our growing to-do lists. Unfortunately, giving up this adequate sleep can lead to an even longer list of health concerns.

In this episode of The Positively Living Podcast, my guest Mollie McGlocklin shares the benefits that sleep has on our bodies, minds, and overall health and actionable steps you can take right now to train yourself to work with your circadian rhythm so you can fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. 

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Mollie and I cover the following topics:

  • What happens to our bodies during sleep and why it is so important we get adequate sleep every night. 
  • The list of issues connecting to lack of sleep involving the cardiovascular, brain, and hormonal health 
  • How our circadian rhythm works and how we can leverage this and train ourselves to cue better sleep. 
  • How food and screen time have a bigger impact on sleep than we may realize and what we can do to rest easier.
  • Resources and diagnostic tools you can start using to access the quality and details of your sleep and other important health markers. 

Getting adequate sleep is one of the best things we can do to bump up our overall health, focus, and productivity. 

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