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How to Harness the Power of Habits

August 24, 2020 Lisa Zawrotny Episode 15
Positively Living
How to Harness the Power of Habits
Show Notes

Habits are a building block of the life we lead, whether we realize it or not. And it’s likely we don’t realize it. That’s why episode 15 of The Positively Living Podcast is about Habits! 

In this episode of The Positively Living Podcast, I’m sharing what “good” or “bad” habits are and actionable small steps you can take right now to establish new habits. I cover the following topics:

  • What habits are and how they relate to decluttering
  • How our brains “chunk” information together to help us make decisions
  • The framework for establishing new habits as described by two of my favorite habits authors
  • How to create new habits and break old ones using my S.T.E.P. method

With the power of habits, we can automate good choices and we can help ourselves want to make good choices because we’ve done them repeatedly and teach ourselves the benefit that way.

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Power of Habit (Duhigg)

Smarter, Faster, Better (Duhigg)

Atomic Habits (James Clear)

Music by Ian and Jeff Zawrotny