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What Stress Really Is and How to Manage It [Re-release]

October 23, 2023 Lisa Zawrotny Episode 180
Positively Living®: Do Less, Live More... Breathe Easier.
What Stress Really Is and How to Manage It [Re-release]
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In early 2020 I became a certified stress management coach because I believed that stress was both an underlying cause of my clients’ problems as well as a distracting symptom blocking their progress. I’ve come to find out that stress can be a double-edged sword, being helpful, hurtful,  or both! Stress can simultaneously push you towards achieving your goals or have harmful impacts on your health. That’s why episode 180 of The Positively Living Podcast is about what stress really is and how to manage it!

In this episode of The Positively Living Podcast, I’m sharing the importance of stress management (not always stress reduction) and actionable steps you can take right now to manage your stress for good. I cover the following topics:

  • Two types of stress and three types of stressors.
  • My own experience with Eustress and Distress.
  • How Eustress connects to optimal productivity.
  • The biological response to stress and the link to physical ailments connected to distress.
  • Tips for managing stress in your life and a free checklist to help you get started.

When you become aware of what your stressors are and how they shift depending on what you do and what you think, you will become much more effective at managing your stress. 

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10 Steps to Stress Less - Checklist

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What Stress Really Is and How to Manage It
Stress management and its impact on productivity.
Stress, its types, and managing it.
Stress management and its impact on mental and physical health.
Managing chronic stress and its effects on health.

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