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How Reverse Decluttering Can Quickly Reduce Stress

April 24, 2023 Lisa Zawrotny Episode 154
Positively Living®: Do Less, Live More... Breathe Easier.
How Reverse Decluttering Can Quickly Reduce Stress
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You may know that you have too much in your life that you need to clear out and make space for what matters but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. You might not have the energy to work through a decluttering framework or even work with a coach but you know you want to do something to get started. This week, episode 154 of the Positively Living Podcast is about reverse decluttering!

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, I’m sharing a simple technique you can use to help you take action toward your clutter, build momentum, and move past the stress.

I cover the following topics:

  • What clutter is and how it links to stress.
  • The one thing that you need to know to declutter properly (reverse or not).
  • What reverse decluttering is and why it works. 
  • Examples of how I have used reverse decluttering in my life.
  • Practical steps on how you can use this technique to tackle your physical, digital, and mental clutter as well as ideas, information, and tasks. 

No matter what area of your life you’re decluttering and how you choose to declutter it, it always comes back to asking yourself what belongs. 

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How reverse decluttering can quickly reduce stress.
How reverse decluttering can be a simple way to start decluttering fast.
Reverse decluttering helps your brain understand that decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of things, but rather identifying what belongs in a specific space.
How to reverse declutter your physical space.
What is mental clutter and how you can declutter this as well.

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