Positively Living: Do Less, Live More... Breathe Easier.

Mindfulness Practices to Help You Focus with Lindsay Coward

June 06, 2022 Lisa Zawrotny Episode 108
Positively Living: Do Less, Live More... Breathe Easier.
Mindfulness Practices to Help You Focus with Lindsay Coward
Show Notes

You may have heard the word “mindfulness” in the context of meditation but it is truly a tool all its own that can help you declutter the mind, allowing you the time and calm you need to focus and be fully present. This week, episode 108 of the Positively Living Podcast is about mindfulness practices to help you focus! 

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, my guest Lindsay Coward shares the importance of using mindfulness as a daily practice to be more present and aware in our lives and she offers actionable steps you can take right now to shift your energy using the tools you always have with you. 

Lindsay and I cover the following topics:

  • The many benefits that come from implementing mindfulness into your daily life.  
  • Simple steps we can start today to begin practicing mindfulness. 
  • A funny yet relieving breathwork exercise you can do to shift your energy. (Lisa and Lindsay demonstrate!)
  • The power of being intentional in your practices. 

Mindfulness, practicing breathwork, and setting intentions are all tools you can incorporate into your daily life to create and enjoy newfound space in your life. 

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